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Jiangnan is a large geographical area of China to the south of the Yangtze River with fertile and well-watered, famed for its silk and handicrafts, and very densely populated. For the last millennium, this region has been at the heart of the most dynamic and sophisticated area of the country. The mere mention of Jiangnan evokes lyrical images of a Chinese water town, with white houses and willows growing along riverbanks, where poets wandered and romantic encounters took place. The food from Jiangnan is characterized by the use of very fresh ingredients, lots of seafood and the skillful use of soy sauce and sugar to make rich, tasty braising sauces.

烟雨古道  诗酒花茶

曲水流觞  春江花月


梦回江南  醉在这里

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Longjing Shrimp 龙井虾仁 

The story of Longjing shrimp starts with Qianlong Emperor (乾隆皇帝), a Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) emperor, who is obsessed with the region of Southern China and food there. He had a chance to try Longjing Shrimp while strolling around in Hangzhou(a city in China). The luminescent pink - white color of the shrimp with the flavor of green tea won the emperor over. Since then, Longjing Shrimp becomes a famous specialty. 

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Triple soft & Triple crispy

Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Jiangnan, CheLi offers a colorful and beguiling trio of steamed dim sum called triple soft, crafted as leaf, pumpkin, and rabbit. Triple crispy, sculpted as black swan, walnut, and daikon, is the crunchy sibling of Triple Soft. They feature creative presentations of alongside delicate, sculptural desserts and highlight the craftsmanship.

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Braised Pork Belly 红烧肉 

Also known as “Hong Shao Rou”, a dish that represents Shanghai cuisine. “Hong Shao,” is one of the most well-known cooking methods from Shanghai-Style. A mix of dark and light soy sauce to achieve the right flavor profile. Tender, gelatinous and aromatic, scrumptious and comforting.

Puer tea soaked rice w. Sea urchin

Puer tea with its neutral taste, soothing, and fat cleansing properties have been a staple for people in Southern China with high-fat diets. A mound of rice topped with uni, which our server poured with a steamy pot of puer tea. This makes the rice so unexpectedly fragrant that it allows for the nutty sweetness of added sesame seeds to unspool without being swallowed by the savory umami of the sea urchin.

海胆茶香泡饭 (1)_edited.jpg
Smoked Fish 熏鱼 

While the Shanghai Smoked Fish is a cold appetizer loved by locals and visitors all year, this is one dish that every family in Shanghai considers a must-have for Chinese New Year. Not actually smoked in the usual sense, The “smoking” process takes place in the sauce. Known for its fussiness and elegance, we think we’ve found the perfect balance between sweet and tangy, rich and savory.

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